a man in a black hat

la piazzacrossing a famous piazza somewhere in italy, can you tell which? i hesitated to post this picture since it’s poor quality, and maybe i will regret this later… my justification is the rare occasion of seeing this place so empty, and i like the picture of the man’s movement over the empty square (but i don’t like the image’s quality). there is a quality of the content but not of the technical realisation. i blame it’s age (must be from the late 80’s), my rudimentary equipment – and of course lack of experience behind a camera.

so, have you identified where, and secondly – is this a post i should not have published? i’m genuinely interested in your thoughts on the latter!


9 thoughts on “a man in a black hat

  1. TimidX.

    You don’t owe an explanation to anyone. If you like the photograph for whatever reason then that’s enough. But that’s just my opinion.

    My first thought when I saw this photograph was: “Holy sh*t! How high up was this guy?” xD

    1. martin Post author

      I owe myself an explanation ;), I need a reason for doing what I’m doing. Then reason with me is mostly a feeling… so I’m not a very rationale kind of guy. And I like climbing all the winding stairs to the top of the clock tower (campanile) you so often find by the churches in Italy, or better . I like to climb to any thing high with a view.
      Thanks so much for commenting! It’s appreciated.

      1. TimidX.

        I can relate to that – making decisions based on a “feelings”. It shows that you listen to your heart more than you listen to your mind. Sure it has its pros and cons but do we care? Nada! xD

        In my next post I’ll be sharing two photos that, although technically flawed, are still rated high in me books ^_^ All coz of the “feel”.

        Cartier-Bresson: “You messed up the exposure a bit!”

        Me: “Shut up I don’t care!!!” xD

        Thanks for all the lovely comments, Martin. All the best for your creative journey.



        PS: In case you are a Lazio fan. . . DAJE ROMA!!! xD

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Hannah! I totally agree, quality is very subjective. I’m glad you, as myself, likes the picture. 🙂

  2. thephotoseye

    Wild and love it! And this absolutely has an abstract feel! One of the most fun climbs is in Florence – and once you climb those stairs the views are amazing! Photography is an expression of who we (you) are….subjective yes – but when you shoot you shoot for what you feel (and see internally) – your vision – no ones else!

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks so much D! Yes, the view in Florence is amazing, and this is not to far away – I guess you recognized Piazza del Campo in neighbor city Siena.
      When in Florence one should also cross Arno and climb the hill on the other side, walk up to Piazzale Michelangelo, and get a breathtaking view over the city. I might have to look up my old b/w prints and make that panorama I’ve planned for some 25 years…

  3. vera ersilia

    You SHOULD have posted it because the CONTENT is rather exceptional and if the resolution is not what your perfectionism might require a priori, the image however carries the viewer into a simple but high reality. So I say ‘bravo’ ! bellissima foto.

    1. martin Post author

      Thank you Vera! I’m glad I did post, as I like the content a lot and the feel of the movement of the man crossing the piazza – and I’m glad you liked too – and I very much appreciate your comment!


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