mountains (in the distance)

another few shots from my very intense iceland trip last year. i’m sure you by now 1) realize i haven’t really done a lot of photography since and 2) are pretty tired of another couple of shots from iceland. but since 1) overrules 2) here we go again! bare with me – only 5 months to my US road trip…

oh, and the blue lagoon was just as cool, read warm, as everyone says.

11 thoughts on “mountains (in the distance)

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks! Hope you will have a great time, I would really enjoy going to Iceland also in the summer even if I suspect it can be pretty rainy and cold…
      We rented from Sixt, dunno if they’re any better than others… just look out to get a car approved for the inland roads, has to be a SUV with big balloon tires! No clue about buses, unfortunately. We saw mostly the area around Reykjavik and the south coast, I understood also the northeast quarter is beautiful.
      Sorry for late reply.

      1. Mjollnir

        Thanks Martin. We kinda looked around a bit and Sixt was about the best but Iceland ain’t cheap, even by Norwegian standards. I suspect we’ll mainly be sticking to the south-west too or maybe hire for just one or two days and head for Vatnajøkull and Hekla. Really looking forward to it though no matter where we end up 😀

  1. Max Reynolds

    Beautiful photos and looking at the others on your blog and website I am now an avid follower. Also thank you for the like on one of my posts “Aqueduct #1”. Thanks for sharing your work. -Max-

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Max! Glad you like my work, you have a bunch of great pictures over at your place (if you look you’ll find my like on several posts 🙂 – and I’m sure there will be more)


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