weekly photo challenge: beginning

livornothis picture is the beginning of a couple of things; it’s my very first photo ever taken in italy (the beginning of my love of italy, italian food, wine and culture) back in 1989 just outside livorno. it’s also in the very beginning of my interest for photography, i can’t swear fully but i believe it’s coming out of my first ever roll of positive film for slides.

composition wise it’s not following the rule of third for the horizon, the castle-like building is placed ok, but at that time i had never heard of any rules for photography – i was struggling enough to get exposure time and aperture decently right. maybe not the best photo, but the beginning of a great friendship (or two). 🙂


11 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: beginning

    1. fourstarstwobarsabroad

      I’ve been to Livorno and you captured it beautifully. I was there quite a long time after this was taken, but it’s still a wonderful place to visit. Thank you for sharing the picture and the story. I’m glad I came across your work.

    2. martin Post author

      Richtig! 🙂 und ist immer noch nicht, aber ich versuche mich zu verbessern, schritt bei schritt. Immer fleissig üben und vielleicht werde ich langsam ein wenig besser. Jedenfalls kenne ich jetzt mehr regeln… 😉

  1. thephotoseye

    Wonderful story behind the shot. I fell in love with Rome…my first time there I remember crying on the plane ride home. Rome is also the spot where I absolutely fell in love with photography as well! Lovely photograph!

    1. martin Post author

      I know many claim that Rome is not a part of Italy 😉 but for me it is, and later the same trip (inter rail for those interested in ancient history…) I came to Rome as well. A love story continued ever since.
      Thanks for your kind words D, and I hope you get the chance to go to Rome many times still!

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Dina! I wish you also all the best for 2014 – I’m sure you will continue to be a source of inspiration for many of us!


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