spies in the wires

spies in the wiresinteresting to follow the aftermath of snowden and nsa. we now have young and what you thought well educated people publicly announcing their abandoning of facebook and other social media as a mean of communication with their friends. especially when they conclude that they will rather use mobile phone calls and text messaging instead….

better watch out for the spies in the wires!

6 thoughts on “spies in the wires

    1. martin Post author

      Thank you Sreejith! And since the original idea of internet was sharing I guess privacy is not really on the agenda 🙂

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks! It’s along the south coast of Iceland, riding the main road from Reykjavik towards Vatnajökull (direction east). Iceland is a fascinating place and I can recommend a stop on your way back from Asia to the US!


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