night shift

our trip to iceland was photography almost 24/7, a day shooting the amazing icelandic nature followed by shooting coming stars at the iceland airwaves festival could end in another hour or two shooting real stars. not a lot of sleep, but it paid off – i’ve never seen the nordic lights, or aurora borealis, before. not only a check mark in my book, but a moment to remember. and then we saw red, rainbow shaped, and more ordinary green auroras.

the last picture goes left to right from yoko ono’s light installation “imagine peace” in reykjavik over a star struck sky to the faint beginning of an aurora borealis.

8 thoughts on “night shift

  1. thephotoseye

    These are amazing! They are all fantastic but my favorite is the second one – the green rainbow effect (of sorts). Well worth the sleep deprivation! 🙂

  2. martin Post author

    Thanks D! I agree the second one is amazing, I had no clue they could look like that. I must say though, my personal favorite is the first with the red aurora. It was so amazing to see the sky almost on fire.

    1. martin Post author

      Thank you! These are shot with a Nikon D800, the first 2 and the last using a 28-300 zoom at 28 mm opening. My tripod had just broken down so I used the car roof as support, and with a 25 seconds exposure time I’m quite pleased with the focus :). The 3rd is taken in central Reykjavik using a 50 mm lens with “only” 6 seconds exposure time.


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