everything’s gone green

everything's gone green Ihow the eye can betray; the soft green moss looks so inviting, so soft. like made for a night under the thousands of stars, under the nordic lights. like a night to weave a story like the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy*. but in fact it’s damp and cold, sadly enough. shame.

everything's gone green II

*the guide, as i remember it, was conveyed to douglas adams in a field outside innsbruck, austria, looking at the stars. probably warmer than here. a lot of good come from looking at stars!

8 thoughts on “everything’s gone green

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks! Appreciated.
      i assume you have at least 50 shades of grey then…. 🙂
      admittedly also stockholm is pretty grey right now, and snow forecasted for the weekend.


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