Monthly Archives: November 2013

iceland airwaves – 1st night

it wasn’t just stunning scenery and wild nature dragging me to iceland, it was also the iceland airwaves 2013 festival. the place where you will find the acts breaking into mainstream next year. i saw in total 18 bands, some more, some less – but a great deal of fantastic music. next year you’ll see danish singer mö, us artists like papa, empress of and zola jesus, british artists like money and alunageorge on the line up for more renowned festivals than this. is my bet…

first night was mainly icelandic, here some shots from mammut and retro stefson. i liked them both, not sure about there wider potential globally. if so, retro stefson are ones you’ll see in europe next year. the shots of the singer have a certain classic marvin gaye feel i like myself.

fire to ice

from the beach to the sea, from the black sand of lava to the ice of the glacier. from fire to ice.


or in english, “the glacier lagoon”, is a very cool place – in many ways… while shooting icebergs (or ice blocks maybe more true) i was caught off guard by a wave from the ocean flooding my shoes with ice cold water. of course it was worth it! or what do you think?

geysir: hot hot hot!!!

the geysers of iceland explode boiling water in the air, and in some areas where there are several of them it looks like the ground is puffing smoke here and there. this is the largest geyser at the geysir location a bit northeast of reykjavik. just before it bursts out in an explosion of hot water it forms a bubble, and then it’s in the air.