don’t fence me in

the fenceno need on iceland, you’re surrounded by the cold sea and you don’t escape anywhere… 😉


4 thoughts on “don’t fence me in

  1. vera ersilia

    Great photo! I could have used this image when I posted the mini-story called ‘His fence’…
    The sea is not only a kind of enclosure but also a highway … I just re-read Mobie Dick so I am all into seafaring…( …but not killing sea creatures).

      1. vera ersilia

        Thank you. I have to tell you that I follow a very good Greek photographer who photographed a rock circles that reminded me of your ice circle’ see that photo here:
        ‘Circle of light’
        I did send your link to Apostolos but I have not yet heard from him. You can check his work here:

        Maybe you know him already, if not, it is worth a ‘look-see’. i wrote a mini-story on his image titled Departure. Cheers from this side of the world-wide sea…. V.
        PS: Dimmi una cosa : come ti chiami di nome…? me lo puoi dire sul mio email nel gravatar – cosi’ resta informazione riservata…

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