geysir: hot hot hot!!!

the geysers of iceland explode boiling water in the air, and in some areas where there are several of them it looks like the ground is puffing smoke here and there. this is the largest geyser at the geysir location a bit northeast of reykjavik. just before it bursts out in an explosion of hot water it forms a bubble, and then it’s in the air.


8 thoughts on “geysir: hot hot hot!!!

    1. martin Post author

      thanks d! I can really recommend a trip to iceland, a lot of amazing scenery. if you’re only out for nature i would probably go a month earlier. i’m here for the iceland airwaves rock festival.

  1. Dina

    Rock festival? 🙂 You show us some impreesive captures of the geysir. Which time is the best for Iceland, would you think? Spring, summer or early autumn?
    Enjoy the festival!

    1. martin Post author

      the rock photos are yet to come, nature during daytime and festival during nights. if nature ( northern lights excluded) is your aim then earlier is probably better.
      Thanks Dina for encouragement!

  2. vera ersilia

    It is the same in Yellowstone National Park near here. We sit in a huge, huge, caldera that keeps spouting hot steam to the sky. The city of Boise’s official buildings and some parts of town are heated by the steam of the boiling water just under the earth crust.. Beautiful photos of the geysers in Iceland !

    1. martin Post author

      Thank you Vera! I’ll be cruising parts of the West Coast next summer, but not as far north as Yellowstone unfortunately. I’ll be in Yosemite, drive in a semi-circle from L.A over Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Vegas, Yosemite, S.F. and back to L.A..

  3. lotta766

    Bilden på bubblan är magisk! Jag har själv haft förmånen att stå där och bara bli superimponerad av naturens krafter. Island är fantastiskt!!! Ser i en kommentar ovan att du ska till Yosemite nästa år – där har jag oxå varit, för så länge sedan och minnena sitter i ännu – naturens skönhet ♥


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