just an illusion

just an illusionit’s cold. and windy. you don’t feel like swimming in the clear blue water. it’s a trick of the eye and the mind, remembering. it’s just an illusion.


11 thoughts on “just an illusion

  1. vera ersilia

    But in the month of August that dreamy illusion will turn to reality, or not ? I love the pictures of piers or walkways going out ever water. You made a great photo, but then you know that!….

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Vera! I only post pictures I like myself, or maybe when it comes to photo challenges speaks to the challenge in a way I like. I would however not claim that any of them are great – needless to say I’m of course humbly thrilled and excited when you tell me so.

      1. vera ersilia

        I think that technique of camera does not necessarily make a photo great, It is the vision of the photographer that counts. I dismissed a number of blogs from my following because they were so perfect in photography that no soul showed thru…

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