all my colors

this thoughtful man of the church was caught on a street in rome, but i just couldn’t decide whether to keep it as is, or if the black and white editing focused the picture on him in a better way. i would love to hear your thoughts!

all my colours all my colours (version)


14 thoughts on “all my colors

  1. thephotoseye

    The black and white gives it a certain feel. In the days of film I used portrait film (sort of sepia tones) when photographing in Rome…it gave it that old world feel – “Dolce Vita” style! I love the black and white version!

  2. Jennifer

    Both are nice … usually I prefer b&w, but I think I like the color better here. The foreground of green really isolates the priest, sets him apart, and the iron fence is a nice echo of his clothing.

    1. martin Post author

      I see what you mean Jennifer, and I thought the green gives a serene, or tranquil, feel to him. Still a hard choice, I feel. 🙂

    1. martin Post author

      it increases the “pop-out” effect, and does increase the focus on him. thanks for the hint! very appreciated.

  3. iseebeautyallaroundbyrobpaine

    I think the color is much better. The green is dark enough that is forces your eye right into your subject. The black and white has a little too many grey tones so my eye tends to bounce around and it takes a little longer to find the man in the photo.

    1. martin Post author

      thanks Rob, i see your point. appreciate your comment!
      it did improve the b/w by increasing the contrast as proposed by themofman.


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