amused as always

amused as alwaysthe practice of walking with sticks (i think) was invented in germany, and they named it nordic walking – long before it was ever seen in any nordic country. i guess based on the similarity of cross country skiing. now however it has become very popular here, especially by those not so much into skiing anymore. not all seem so amused though…


2 thoughts on “amused as always

  1. Anne

    How is this different than walking normally, but with sticks? Are there fancy calisthenics one does while walking? Or does this secretly work your twitch muscles? Do you just walk slowly, with long strides while waving your sticks?

    I think I may try this… maybe trigger a trend in Connecticut. 🙂

    Love the picture- thanks for sharing!

    1. martin Post author

      Not a big difference, you walk a bit faster than normal walking, with long strides and your arms far to the front and back. Like cross country skiing, right leg and left arm forwards and so on. Big movements to make your heart pump the blood as much as possible, very good for the circulation and heart training. You’re supposed to walk swiftly, but still being able to speak. Sticks are very similar to skiing sticks, but with a plastic end instead of the metal spike and I think they are slightly shorter than when skiing.
      Good luck, would love to see a pic of the movement you’ll start! 🙂


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