Monthly Archives: November 2012

theme: freedom

this weeks theme for ” fotosöndag” is freedom – something we take for granted where i live, my country has not been in war since 1814 – almost 200 years ago. for others freedom is only a dream…
this post is dedicated to the work of the united nations.

strange fruit

as billy holiday sang: southern trees bear a strange fruit…

– indeed so! shot this at the local food market outside our temporary sicilian home. anyone with a guess what it is? (a bit of a trick question, this)

here’s looking at you kid

they did stare at me, i promise they did.


this is my 100th post! worth a celebration, and some flowers for all you photo “passionados” out there. foremost for all the inspiration but also for coming around here, liking and commenting on my stuff. i do hope to see you around also in the future. thanks!