time runs like water (oggi che giorno è?)

very close to a year ago by now. iceland, the magical nature – i wish to come back one day. for now i can only look at the days washing through my hands as water rushing to the sea, to disappear into the ocean. i wonder where all those days are now.

dove vanno le giornate
quelle buone, quelle nere
quelle già rimarginate
come stanno le tue sere
dov’è andata poi
quell’incanto di un momento
che non scordi più
perché un altro non c’è stato mai


intothelightever since I was eight or nine
i’ve been standing on the shoreline
for all my life i’ve been waiting
for something lasting
you loose your hunger and you loose your way
you get confused and then you fade away

oh this town
kills you when you are young
oh this town
kills you when you are young

(lyrics by henrik berggren)